Bigfork and Balsam (B&B) Connection

Bigfork and Balsam (B&B) Connection

This 33-mile Grant-in-Aid trail traverses through portions of the Chippewa National Forest, George Washington State Forest and Itasca county lands from Bigfork to Balsam (B&B). Approximately 20 miles of this trail is for OHV use, 10 miles are federal and state forest roads and the remaining miles follow county road corridors. There are 8 boardwalks/bridges that total over a 1/4-mile. The trail travels through low meadows, marshes, aspen and pine forests as well as gravel outcroppings. You will see streams, ponds and views of lakes in the distance. Wildlife sightings are common. Food and fuel are available near the trail head, the midway point near mile marker 15 and a few short miles from the end of the trail. This trail is maintained by the Wilderness Wheelers ATV Club headquartered in Bigfork, MN.

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Itasca County

The trail head is a large parking area south of Bigfork on Highway 38, just west on Rajala Mill Road. The trail travels SSE to connect with the Little Moose Trail off of Highway 7 in Balsam.

  • Wilderness Wheelers ATV Club
  • Ron Danielson
  • 218-259-5938
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ATV ATV (Class II allowed)

OHM OHM (allowed on all sections of this trail)

ORV ORV (allowed on sections of state and federal forest roads only.)

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Most of the trail is easy riding, but miles 8-13 are more difficult with a few aggressive hills and loose gravel. Riders should take caution in this area.

32 miles

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