Fishery related permits


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Aeration system operation

Information regarding permits to operate lake aeration systems can be found on the Lake Aeration Program page.

Aquatic plant management

Permits for aquatic plant management and nuisance control such as algae, snails, and leeches are available upon application. Fees vary with the type of control planned and are available from the area Fisheries headquarters or checkout the aquatic plant permit pages.

Educational Fishing License Waiver for Students

An educational permit is available for use with an aquatic education program, allowing student participants age 16 and over to fish without a license on a catch and release basis.

Educational Fishing License Waiver for Students application

Fish transport and stocking

Permits to transport and stock fish that are purchased from private hatcheries are obtained at your local fisheries station by filing an application. Download the printable application and return it to your local fisheries office. The length of time for processing is two to three weeks.

Live Fish Transportation Importation and Stocking Permit application

Fisheries Research

Permits are required for scientific research to capture or hold fish in ways not allowed under angling or commercial fishing licenses.

Fisheries Research Permit application

Fishing tournament regulations

Information and permit applications can be found on the fishing tournaments page. The popularity of fishing contests (tournaments) in recent years is reflected by the nearly 600 permits issued annually by DNR to contest organizers. The DNR regulates fishing contests to reduce the potential for conflicts with other water recreationists at public access sites and on the water.

Rough fish removal

Applications for permits to remove rough fish in certain situations may be made by qualified groups or individuals. Permits are available at the Fisheries station in the area involved.

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