Project Learning Tree (PLT)

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What happens at a workshop?

Workshops vary according to participant needs. Typically, workshops are at least seven hours long (including lunch and break time) in an educational facility.

To receive the PLT activity guides, educators must attend a workshop.

graphic: PLT PreK-8 book coverAt workshops, educators get:

  • PLT activity guide or guides appropriate for grade level and/or topic
  • a certificate for continuing education units (CEUs).
  • DNR and other agency support materials
  • specialized instruction from a trained PLT volunteer facilitator and, sometimes, a natural resource specialist
  • some workshops provide optional graduate credit. Graduate credit requires 12 hours of workshop time and homework.

All workshops provide hands-on instruction, often both indoors and outside.

teachers in dirt
teachers in snow

Participants should:

  • bring reusable a coffee mug and a water bottle to reduce waste
  • bring a large, empty book bag to collect workshop items
  • dress for the weather.
    • Winter: Dress in layers—long-sleeved top, fleece, overcoat. Wear a knit HAT, mittens or heavy gloves, pants that repel wind and or water, and warm boots.
    • Summer: Wear whatever is comfortable. Bring bug spray, wear sunscreen, and, if it's raining, wear a rain poncho (umbrellas are too cumbersome in an outdoor classroom situation).

Sample PLT workshop agenda

* All activities demonstrated will be grade-appropriate for the audience.


  • Welcome
  • Icebreaker
  • Introductions
  • Discuss goals
  • Brainstorm session: list topics you need to teach this year.
  • Hand out activity guides
  • Do hands-on activities* (inside or outside)
  • Indoors: Explore activity layout, correlations to Minnesota academic standards
  • More hands-on activities (outside)
  • Small-group work: Tips for teaching outside


  • Lunch


  • More hands-on activities (outside)
  • Revisit morning brainstorm session: did you find an activity to
    cover the topics you identified this morning?
  • Time to explore books, integrate activities into curriculum
  • Resources, evaluations, certificates, prizes, graduate credit forms


End. Go forth and teach!

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