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Thank you for your interest in water education and being trained/certified in the internationally recognized, award-winning watershed curriculum! The link at the bottom will take you through a virtual training of the Project WET Curriculum and Activity Guide 2.0. You will be observing demos of Project WET lessons. Then, you will choose and teach/modify one lesson to be specifically place-based to your Minnesota community. Because online learning is now taking place throughout the state, here is how you can accomplish this goal:

WET 2.0 lesson choices:

A. Incredible Journey
B. Sum of the Parts
C. Grave Mistake

Option 1:

  • Teach one of the lesson/activities listed above to your audience.
  • Provide a 2 page-write up of the lesson.
  • In addition, include photos of participants engaging in the activity.
  • (Make sure you have photo permission.)
  • List concepts that you enjoyed about the lesson/activity and adaptations made to make the lesson specialized to your community and watershed.
  • List some “tips and tricks” learned.

Option 2:

  • If you are not able to actively work with a group to teach (in person) one of the above lessons, write up an adaptation of a lesson/activity and share how you will make it Minnesota-specific and related to your community.
  • Include a detailed extension/adaptation to the lesson.
  • Please limit the lesson/activity write-up to 2 pages. Include pictures of the area in which you would perform this activity. (Make sure you have photo permission.)

Option 3:

  • Create/write an adaptation to one of the above lessons where you are giving instructions on how to facilitate this lesson/activity to a parent, volunteer, interpreter or other group leader.
  • Make the lesson place-based and list, in detail, how the outside party (parent/youth leader/interpreter perhaps?) would instruct/conduct this lesson/activity with their family/group/audience.
  • Have the person/s
  • who are engaging & teaching report back to you on how the lesson/activity went.
  • Have participant/s send a write-of up their interpretation of the lesson/activity. (This could be an email follow-up.)
  • Please list how you adapted the lesson/activity to fit this experience.
  • Please include changes you would make when doing this activity in this format again.
  • Collect/include pictures (with proper photo permission).
  • List 3 ways you would share these experiences with other teachers, organizations, etc.
  • Could this be a media opportunity to share with your local school, newspaper, church youth group, scout/4-H group, or school newsletter/announcements?
  • Please note: You do not have to be a teacher to lead this lesson/activity. Have fun!

Option 4:

  • If you are a homeschool instructor or parent taking this training to provide resources for at home/online learning, please choose a lesson.
  • Write up the adaptations you implemented to make the lesson/activity relevant for your family or multi-age audience. How did it engage various age groups? (4yr old, 7yr old, etc.?)
  • Create an extension activity realistic to your family setting that would allow further engagement in the topic. (This could be a reading project, observation walk, art project, physical game, writing/journaling assignment.)
  • Please include photos of the experience (with proper photo permission).
  • In the 2-page summary, include strategies that worked and did not work.
  • Share suggestions on how you would improve your experience. Be creative, have fun!

Once you have completed one of the above lesson options, submit this assignment to:
Janine Kohn, MN Project WET Coordinator at [email protected]

Next steps:

  • I will review your assignment and respond back to you with feedback.
  • Upon receiving your assignment, I will send a Completion Code and directions on how to move forward in the course.
  • Next, you will submit this code to the National Project WET office to officially enroll in the course and pay the online registration fee of $40.
  • Lastly, the National Project WET office will send the WET Guide 2.0 guide book to your home address.

Final steps:

  • Once you receive your guide, the rest of the training will be unlocked and you will continue to complete the remaining coursework.
  • During this part of the online course, you will learn how to use the WET Portal, Dashboard, website and “splash” through the WET Guide 2.0.
  • Participants of the course will receive a final email of completion from the National Office-make sure you list your coordinator’s name (Janine Kohn).
  • Additionally, a notification of accomplishment will be sent to me and then you will be added to the list of MN Project WET trained participants.
  • Finally, participants can download a certificate of completion and an agenda for CEU credits (6 hrs.)
  • Please reach out to me if you are interested in a graduate credit hour through Hamline University.
  • Additional hours/course requirements and fee are required for graduate credit.
  • For questions pertaining to the training and tips, please email me directly.

Thank you for continuing your professional development. Finding unique ways to continue watershed education for the public is the mission of Project WET. Remember, Project WET is a wonderful resource for all and our goal is to provide easy, hands-on ways to connect the public with one of their most valuable resources–water! Enjoy your experience!

WET online course

Janine Kohn
MN Project WET Coordinator
[email protected]

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