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Project WET (Water Education for Today) is an international, interdisciplinary, water-science education program used by a variety of water users. It is estimated over 20,000 Minnesotans annually use the Project WET resources in a variety of ways, complementing other watershed programming.

This hands-on program is administered through the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources (DNR) by the MN Project WET Coordinator. This award-winning curriculum is an exceptional resource for Minnesotans.

Why is This Program Important to Minnesotans?

In Minnesota, people view healthy waters as an important quality-of-life indicator. Yet, not all Minnesotans know how to be effective stewards of water resources. The Minnesota DNR offers Project WET and its resources to help create communities that are aware of and active in water conservation.

How is Project WET Engaging the Public Currently?

The MN DNR administers Project WET in Minnesota. girl with tub of lake waterThis program is owned by the Project WET Foundation which is headquartered in Bozeman, Montana. In Minnesota, this internationally-recognized water education program provides outreach and training for K–12 formal and non-formal educators, interpreters, college students/staff, youth program leaders, educational managers, biologists, water resource professionals and the general public in hands-on programming that encourages critical thinking.

What Resources/Assistance Does MN Project WET Offer?

Minnesota Project WET improves understanding of water resources by providing trainings, educational materials and guidance to individuals or groups by collaborating on watershed events, working on boards/planning groups, organizing and engaging in a variety of community events such as festivals and field days for the public. The program assists in watershed initiatives with partners and stakeholders throughout the state. Some of the audiences include: MN School Districts, Universities, the National Park Service, Nature Centers, Non-Profit groups, Minnesota Association of Environmental Education, MN Master Naturalists, city and regional parks, Soil and Water Conservation Districts, and the Metro Watershed Partners.


Because of these outreach efforts and exceptional partnerships, Project WET is able to connect with more people. Project WET reaches over 6,700 students and educators annually through water festivals and field days where youth/adults are learning about healthy water systems. This program compliments other organization’s education/outreach efforts throughout the state. Together, working with our partners, we are able to engage people on a variety of watershed initiatives, thus enhancing Minnesotan’s understanding of the importance of aquatic stewardship.

For more information about the program, please contact:

Janine Kohn, Minnesota Project WET Coordinator [email protected]


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Minnesota Project WET is the state affiliate of Project WET national site.

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