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Project WET 2.0 Curriculum Guide

Minnesota Project WET logo The award-winning, NSTA-recommended Project WET Curriculum/Activity Guide 2.0 continues Project WET’s dedication to 21st-century, cutting-edge water education. Correlated to the Common Core Standards and NGSS, the Curriculum and Activity Guide 2.0 gives educators of students from kindergarten to twelfth grade and beyond the tools they need to integrate water education into every school subject. The guide also includes numerous extensions for using the activities in Pre-K environments. Featuring 64 field-tested activities, more than 500 color photographs and illustrations, and useful appendices with information on teaching methods, assessment strategies and more, this guide is an essential classroom tool. The guide is also an excellent resource for pre-service teachers, youth group leaders and the general public.

Standards Correlation: The Curriculum and Activity Guide 2.0 has been correlated to: Common Core English Language Arts, Common Core Math and the Next Generation Science Standards. The guide adheres to the National Science Standards Framework, STEM Educational Coalition objectives and NOAA Ocean Literacy Standards.
Awards: Gold Medal, 2013 Independent Publisher Book Awards, Education (Workbook / Resource) category. The National Science Teachers Association has selected this book as part of their NSTA Recommends list of books for science educators.
Availability: The Curriculum/Activity Guide 2.0 is only available through a MN Project WET training or an online course.
*Includes FREE access to the Project WET Water Education Portal.

Getting Little Feet WET-Early Childhood Curriculum Guide

Minnesota Project WET logoDeveloped in coordination with early childhood experts and educators, Getting Little Feet Wet is designed to help educators of young children teach about water in fun, age-appropriate ways. This book contains 11 interactive, hands-on activities for young learners to explore different aspects of water—from water properties to water sounds. Each activity offers both Pre-K and K-2 options and is correlated to educational standards.
Availability: Getting Little Feet Wet Guide is available through a MN Project WET training or purchase curriculum through the Project WET National Store. Downloadable version also available.

Project WET: Climate, Water, and Resilience Curriculum Guide

climate-water-resiliance coverClimate change is a complex topic that can be intimidating to teach. However, understanding climate, and specifically the way that climate is changing, is crucial to making informed decisions and building resilience. This guide helps teach middle school/high school/adult-aged participants about our climate and climate change using nine interactive, objective, science-based activities that participants will enjoy. All activities are correlated to NGSS and Common Core Math and ELA standards. To further enhance your climate education and outreach, this guide also includes suggested adaptations to use fourteen additional activities from the Project WET Curriculum/Activity Guide 2.0 and the original Project WET Guide 1.0 (activities not included) to teach about climate.
Availability: This Climate Curriculum is only available through a MN Project WET training or coming soon- an online course!

Project WET: WOW! The Wonders of Wetlands Curriculum Guide

Wonders of Wetlands coverWith 70 pages of background material followed by more than 40 cross-referenced activities, this guide is a valuable resource for K-12 teachers, interpreters, and water resource professionals teaching about wetlands. Every page is thoughtfully laid out with informative text, exciting photography, along with easy-to-read sidebars, maps and illustrations. Activities are neatly organized into five sections: wetlands definitions, wetlands plants and animals, water quality and supply issues, soils and people. The appendix also provides instructions for planning and developing a schoolyard wetland habitat.
Availability: This Wetlands Curriculum is available by request, through a MN Project WET training or for purchase on the National Project WET online store.

Healthy Water, Health People-Water Quality Educator’s Guide & Field Monitoring Guide

Minnesota Project WET logoEducator Guide
This comprehensive activity guide for instructors of students in grades six through university level raises the awareness and understanding of water quality issues and their relationship to personal, public and environmental health. Healthy Water Healthy People, Water Quality Educators Guide will help educators address science standards through 25 original, interactive activities that link priority water quality topics to real-life experiences of educators and students.


HWHP manual coverField Monitoring Guide
This manual serves as a technical reference for the Healthy Water, Healthy People, Water Quality Educators Guide. Yielding in-depth information about ten water quality parameters, it answers questions about water quality testing using technical overviews, data interpretation guidelines, case studies, chemical formulas, laboratory demonstrations and much more.
Availability: Workshops available upon request, books for purchase through the National Project WET online store and the MN Project WET Coordinator. Also available, E-book versions of both books.

Conserve Water Guide

Conserve water guide This comprehensive guide provides educators of middle school and high school students and other audiences with a thorough overview of water conservation, along with background information that serves as a hydrologic primer. Past, present, and future water conservation issues are also covered, which are illustrated by case studies ranging from a rancher in west Texas to an ice cream factory in Massachusetts. By using real-life examples, individuals are encouraged to use critical thinking skills to examine different sides of each situation.
Awards: Finalist, 2001 EdPress Distinguished Achievement Awards (Association of Educational Publishers).
Availability: Guide available through the National Project WET online store and the MN Project WET Coordinator.

Discover Floods Educators Guide-PDF EBOOK

Disover Floods coverThis valuable resource helps teach participants about both the risks and benefits of flooding through a series of engaging, hands-on activities. Acknowledging the different roles that floods play in both natural and urban communities, this resource helps individuals gain a global understanding of this common--and sometimes dangerous--natural phenomenon that affects hundreds of millions of people around the world each year. Complementing its text are photographs that shed light on the aftermath of floods, as well as numerous illustrations to facilitate learning. Participants will apply a number of problem-solving techniques to such relevant issues as how to protect yourself and your family should you live in a flood-prone area. Developed in partnership with the World Meteorological Organization.
Availability: Guide available through the National Project WET online store.

Coral Reefs Activity Sampler Guide

Coral reeg sampler coverAn excellent resource for those teaching about the oceans & coral reefs! This 32-page guide (printable PDF E-book) offers participants (students/middle-HS) an engaging introduction to coral reefs and their importance. The four activities in the book form a one and two-week interdisciplinary unit on coral reefs, with opportunities for extensions. The activities may also be taught individually. Like all Project WET activities, these are designed to complement existing curricula or science courses. Use these activities to help address learning objectives and standards in disciplines including earth science, chemistry, social studies, math, biology, environmental science, civics, and economics. Excellent for youth groups, scouts, conservation clubs, camps and university students in their extension program planning.
Availability: Guide available through the National Project WET online store.

Project WET-Kids Activity Booklets

Project Wet activity booksThese booklets span over 70 different topics ranging from watersheds, drought, floods, fishing, water conservation, recycling, storm water and more. Geared for participants ages 8-12. Classroom sets are perfect as students share the information and participate in classroom readings and activities.
Availability: Guide available through MN Project WET Coordinator and the National Project WET online store. Perfect resource for groups/classrooms.

Free Resources

At Home Learning Resources

home learning imageAs school closures have been put in place, Project WET wants to ensure that water education continues for people of all ages. We have created a collection of free activities that educators, parents and children can use to learn about water while meeting standards in math, language arts, science and even fine arts. We hope this helps educators, parents, water resource professionals, interpreters and students continue learning and exploring during this time.

A variety of free activities have been created for multiple grade levels. You may also select the Project WET Activity Adaptations for At-Home Learning for helpful links and tips to customize your child's experience outside of a classroom environment.
Availability: Find resource tab on the National Project WET online store. After completing checkout, you will receive an email with links to download your activities.

A Year of Education on Station (ISS) Lesson Plan

Project Wet curriculum guideNASA dedicated September 2017 to September 2018 as A Year of Education on Station for the International Space Station (ISS). Astronaut Richard (Ricky) Arnold, a volunteer Project WET Foundation board member was the educator on board the ISS (March -September 2018). Because of these connections, Project WET worked with the educator/astronaut to create the Out of This World Lesson Plan consisting of a compilation of WET activities that can be used to teach about water in relation to outer space on the ISS.
Availability: Free resource material is available through the National Project WET online store.

Clean and Conserve Activity Resource Guide-PDF (Multiple Languages)

Minnesota Project WET logoEnjoy this FREE 40-page Activity Guide for Educators which contains five water conservation and hygiene lessons, as well as introductory material, a glossary and information about Ecolab and Project WET. The activities are designed for anyone to use with audiences ranging from classrooms to public water events, festivals and field days.

Note: This guide comes in multiple languages.

Availability: Workshops available upon request, PDF’S available through the National Project WET online store.

Healthy Water, Healthy Habits, Healthy People Resource Guide-PDF (Multiple Languages Available)

Minnesota Project WET logoClean water, proper sanitation and good hygiene form a solid foundation for public health education. This guide is designed to enable teachers to make a real difference in the lives of children, families and the public. This Free 40-page guide is filled with engaging ways to teach about how common water-borne and hygiene-related diseases are spread. In addition to learning how to protect their health and that of their families, participants using these resources will gain a healthy respect for the important water resources on which we all depend. An excellent resource for health care community educators!
Availability- A PDF of this valuable resource is available through the National Project WET online store.

WET Water Festival Guide

water festival guide coverMake a “Splash” with Project WET Water Festivals as you learn how to promote awareness of and increased knowledge about water resources. By hosting a Water Festival, you can positively impact students, teachers, parents, the public and the planet! This short resource guide, in combination with activities in the Project WET Guide 2.0, provides what it takes to get started, make plans, set up and successfully complete your watershed event. Water Festivals are a fun way to get a wide variety of audiences actively engaging as they learn about water together. Suggested audiences 3rd grade and above with modifications for early learners.
Availability: Free Guide available through the National Project WET online store. For more information on Water Festivals, please contact the MN state coordinator.

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