About Minnesota Project WET

Project Wet logo Minnesota Project WET is sponsored by the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources Waters. Project WET supports the Department of Natural Resources Waters mission of providing leadership in the cooperative management of activities that affect Minnesota's water resources in order to promote resource protection while allowing reasonable use. The first Project WET workshop in Minnesota occurred in April of 1995 in Morris, Minnesota. Since that time Project WET has continued to grow through its network of trained facilitators and through the increasing number of educators who have attended these workshops. The Project WET program is extremely diverse in the types of educators and facilitators represented. The usual workshop lasts 6 hours, and during the workshop individuals are exposed to the Project WET Curriculum and Activity Guide through hands-on activities. The workshops vary from a standard workshop that deals with water on a variety of levels, to a workshop that may have a theme such as groundwater, wetlands, social issues pertaining to water, water and the arts, and/or the history of water in Minnesota.

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