Project WET

photo: Group photo of a PLT workshopSet up a workshop

If you don't see a workshop on the Education and teacher training workshops calendar that meets you needs, ask us to set up a workshop for you. Here's how.

Contact the Project WET coordinator (contact information on the lower left of this page) to discuss the following

  1. Type of workshop
    • Examples of workshop themes:
      • How to Teach Outside
      • Addressing academic standards with environmental education
      • Using Project WET with preschoolers
      • Introduction to environmental education and Project WET for pre-service instructors
      • Using Project WET for place-based and inquiry education
      • Using Project WET with Projects WILD, PLT, or MinnAqua
  2. Workshop audience
    • The workshop audience can be teachers, colleagues, naturalists, scout leaders or other groups.
  3. Workshop location
    • Locations can vary. Workshops may be offered at schools, nature centers, colleges and universities, or other locations.
  4. Workshop costs
    • Costs vary, but we work to keep them affordable. Average workshops cost anywhere from $20 to $80 per participant, depending on number of activity guides and meals included.
      • You may contact a local organization or speak with the Project WET coordinator for sponsorship suggestions.
      • We can offer graduate credits through Hamline University's Center for Global Environmental Education. Twelve classroom hours and a homework project are required to earn one graduate credit. To set up graduate credit, speak with the Project WET coordinator.