Public Drainage Ditch Systems

Public drainage authorities work with the DNR on a number of issues, including landowner notifications, regulatory jurisdiction between Minn. Statue 103E and 103G, hydrologic modeling, and technical assistance. There are many drainage authorities in Minnesota: County Boards, Joint County Boards, Watershed Districts, and Water Management Organizations.

Ditch Documents

Drainage authorities are required to send the following ditch-related documents to the Minnesota DNR.

Repair and maintenance-related documents that affect public waters

  • Early notification and coordination
  • Repair and maintenance notification
  • Repair plan
  • Order to move forward with repair
  • Public meeting notification

Redetermination of benefits affecting DNR lands

Reestablishment of records

Technical guidance documents

  • Technical guidance
  • Hydrologic models

Project and improvement-related documents

  • Preliminary engineer's reports
  • Final engineer's reports
  • Public meeting notification


  • Ditch assessments
  • Special assessments
  • Property tax notification


To ensure that all public drainage notices to the DNR Commissioner, as required under Minn. Statue 103E, are routed to the appropriate staff, the DNR Commissioner has designated the following email addresses to use to submit public drainage system documents.

Review the map to determine which DNR region the project is located in.

Central Region
[email protected]

Northeast Region
[email protected]

Northwest Region
[email protected]

Southern Region
[email protected]

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