Managed state forests

graphic: Managed Motor Use signState forest lands classified as Managed for Motor vehicle and or OHV use.

  • Highway licensed vehicles allowed on roads/routes unless posted closed.
  • Off-highway vehicles, defined as All-terrain vehicles/Off-highway motorcycles (ATVs/ORVs/OHMs) are allowed on roads, routes, and on designated trails.
  • ATV travel off routes, roads, and designated trail is PROHIBITED except when hunter/trapper exception applies.
  • NOTE: see Minnesota Statute 84.926 for further details.

State Forests classified as "Managed" (Final Designations)

Beltrami Island
Big Fork
Buena Vista (2)
Cloquet Valley (2)
Finland (2)
George Washington(2)
Grand Portage (2)
Lake of the Woods
Lost River
Northwest Angle
Pine Island
Red Lake
Smokey Bear
Sturgeon River (2,3)

  1. Portions located within the BWCAW are closed to all motor vehicle use
  2. Some portions also classified as Managed, Limited, and/or Closed
  3. Portions outside Superior National Forest.

NOTE: The big game hunter/trapper motor vehicle use exception does not apply within the RJD Memorial Hardwood State Forest.

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