New licensing system coming in 2025

The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources and Minnesota IT Services are excited to announce the signing of a contract with the conservation technology company, S3, to build a modern electronic license system for the state’s anglers, boaters, hunters, recreational vehicle operators, and people who enroll in DNR safety trainings. DNR and MNIT staff have already begun working with S3 to plan and schedule the development process. The system is expected to be available in early 2025.

License, permits and lottery preference

In 2025, Minnesota will have more ways to buy hunting, trapping and fishing licenses. Most licenses, permits and tags will be available in both digital or print-at-home formats. Depending on your purchase option, you will download your license to your smart phone or print it. We will still have license agents to sell licenses, too. With the updated system, you will be able to check your account including lottery preference points.

Online and mobile

In 2025, Minnesota will move to mobile and online systems for hunting and fishing licenses and permits so you can buy them online and download them right away. You can also print your licenses and tags on plain paper. A free mobile application will be available to allow you to e-notch and e-register your harvest even if you are offline or out of service. You will still be able to register your harvest at agent locations as well.


Minnesotans will be able to print licenses and tags at home or save licenses electronically. License agents will also have options to print your license on plain paper.

Safety classes

We are adding an online event management system so you can find, enroll, and pay for education and safety training classes, and print duplicates of your safety certificates. Once you pass safety certifications, you will be able to buy licenses immediately through the same system.

Hard cards

Hard cards were researched and found to be an added expense to the customer. Your license will be available electronically to store on your smart device or be printed on paper to keep with you. License agents will still be available statewide to sell licenses.

Deputy registrars

Recreational vehicles will continue to be processed at deputy registrar offices across the state, or at the DNR Central Office in St. Paul. Renewals will still be available to process online.

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