Lobaria quercizans    Michaux

Smooth Lungwort 

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  Basis for Former Listing

The North American distribution of Lobaria quercizans (smooth lungwort) is primarily restricted to the Appalachian Mountains, the northeastern United States, and the Great Lakes region. Minnesota is at the northwestern limit of its range. This lichen is quite common in old uncut hardwood forests and, in Minnesota, it has been collected in multiple locations within the Superior National Forest in the Arrowhead counties. Lobaria quercizans was originally listed as a threatened species in Minnesota in 1984, and was subsequently reclassified to special concern status in 1996.

  Basis for Delisting

Because recent searches have shown this lichen to be fairly common in old-growth forests of Betula alleghaniensis (yellow birch) and Acer saccharum (sugar maple), it no longer merits any special status. Lobaria quercizans was delisted in 2013.

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