GPS data for snowmobile trails

Example of a Garmin with map

This site provides GPS users with a downloadable Garmin background map containing Minnesota snowmobile trails.

These data show the state monitored snowmobiling opportunities, including state trails, trails within state parks, state forests and other state owned lands, as well as snowmobile trails funded through the Grant-In-Aid Snowmobile system. MNDNR receives annual data updates from snowmobile clubs around the state.

Supported file formats

At this time we are providing Garmin background maps in their native IMG format. Unfortunately we aren't able to provide or support other formats at this time.

We cannot guarantee that our IMG file(s) will work with all Garmin units. Check your Garmin documentation to see if your GPS supports the corresponding file types.

Garmin background map download page

Free GeoPDF maps

Snowmobilers can also use the Avenza Store to download free GeoPDF maps that show your location on any snowmobile trail in the state.

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