Live FishCam from the Minnesota Zoo

Recorded view (8/27/20) of the Minnesota Zoo’s native fish tank on the Minnesota Trail during the traditional State Fair days, August 27 through September 7.

Fun facts about the aquarium:

  • 10,000 gallons
  • 70°F water temperature (changes throughout the year)
  • Fish are fed earthworms, frozen lake smelt, pellet food, homemade fish gel
  • Resources to help ID fish: Fish of Minnesota, Minnaqua fish images

Can you find these 13 species of fish in the tank?

1.    Yellow perch
2.    Largemouth bass
3.    Small mouth bass
4.    Walleye
5.    Bowfin
6.    Lake sturgeon
7.    Longnose gar
8.    Short nose gar
9.    Spotted gar
10.  Black crappie
11.  Bullhead
12.  Pumpkinseed sunfish
13.  Bluegill

Some videos from past years for you to check out.