White pine weevil

Adult white pine weevil on white andpine branch

Terminal shoots of young eastern white pine killed by white pine weevil feeding.White pine weevil is native to North America and considered the most destructive insect pest of eastern white pine. While eastern white and jack pine are most vulnerable, white pine weevils can develop in more than 20 tree species. Trees three to 20 feet tall are typically attacked.

If attack is successful, leaders will wilt, droop, and eventually die. Lateral shoots may take over, resulting in a forked, bushy tree. Usually damage is confined to the terminal leader, but in some cases two to four years of growth can be affected. Infested trees are rarely killed but damage can negatively affect tree growth, deform the stem, and increase susceptibility to wood decay.


State for minnesota map showing white pine weevil location.White pine weevil occurs throughout Minnesota.

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