Minnesota's Big Tree Registry

Your nomination must be one of Minnesota's 53 native tree species listed in the registry. All categories of information must be completed for your application form to be accepted. Local federal, state, county, or city foresters can help you verify your tree's species and measurements. Try a local nursery or tree care company for help, too.

1. Measure your tree

While measuring your tree, also get a photo and data needed to complete the nomination form.

  • County where found
  • City (or closest city)
  • Condition of tree
  • Comments (to help identify the tree)
  • Location of Tree
    • Address, City, Zip
    • GPS Coordinates
    • Detailed directions to tree
  • Date measured
  • Owner of tree

2. Check to see if your tree matches or is larger than the current champions.

3. Fill out the application form

You will be notified of receipt of your application and informed if your tree falls short or surpasses the current champion.

Applications to the National Register of Champion Trees require six specific photos be submitted with the application. Review details for the National application, if you plan to also apply to the national register.

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