Minnesota's native big tree registry

Minnesota's Native Big Tree registry is a listing of Minnesota's 53 native trees judged to be the largest in the state.

A nominee is judged on three measurements:

  1. Circumference, in inches, of its trunk at 4 ½ feet above the ground.
  2. Its height in feet.
  3. One-quarter of its crown spread in feet.

The total of these measurements is the points awarded to a particular tree. A champion tree has accumulated the most points.

Thank you for your interest in the Minnesota Big Tree Registry. Although we will continue to accept new nominations to the Big Tree Registry, due to limited staff availability we are unable to process them at this time. New nominations will be held on file until staff is able to review and process them.

Measuring a big tree is easy.

Did you know there is also a National Registry of Big Trees that recognizes champion trees nearly 900 species and varieties? Minnesota has five national champions included on this list – the tamarack, black willow, big tooth aspen, and two co-champion Jack pines. In fact, Minnesota's program is set up using much of the same criteria as the national program. For more information on the National Register of Big Trees, contact American Forests, P.O. Box 2000, Washington, DC 20013; 202-737-1944.