Minnesota's Big Tree Registry

Nominate a champion big tree

1. Measure your tree

2. Check to see if your tree matches or is larger than the current champions.


Select your tree's type: 

Enter your tree's statistics:

Circumference (inches): 

Height (feet): 

Crown spread (feet): 

3. Fill out the application form

Your nomination must be one of  Minnesota's 52 native tree species listed in the registry. All categories of information must be completed for your application form to be accepted. Local federal, state, county, or city foresters can help you verify your tree's species and measurements. Try a local nursery or tree care company for help, too.

You will be notified in writing if your tree is the new champion. Nominated trees that do not surpass the recorded champion are filed as "contenders." When a champion falls, the largest contender of that tree species on file becomes the new champion. Nominations are accepted year-round, but an updated big tree list is produced once-a-year in the summer.