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What is a Site Steward?

Site stewards are the eyes and ears for Minnesota's Scientific & Natural Areas (SNA). Stewards, working with guidance from SNA staff, assist in the goals of land protection, management, and education & research on a site they choose to monitor. Some tasks that may be a part of a steward's duties include:

  1. Regular visits to the site
  2. Reporting observations from site visits
  3. Learning about the protection and management goals for the site
  4. Participating in site projects and events

Take a look at the complete list of steward responsibilities.

Is being a Site Steward right for me? Consider these factors:


Location, location, location

  • How far the site is from you and from the nearest road will factor into travel time to get to it.
    • Do you enjoy the challenge of navigating to a very remote spot that is not easily accessed?
    • Or do you want to be able to jump right into a nearby site that is on a main road?
  • The size of sites vary greatly and will impact the time needed for stewardship.
  • Habitats on a site will determine what you will need to wear or equipment you may need.
  • In general, the closer the site is to larger cities, the greater the chance you will have for volunteers to assist you in site projects.
  • If you're a good birder, botanist, or brush-cutter you can put those skills to use on the right site.

These factors all boil down to the time and effort you're willing to invest in being a site steward!



How can I become a Site Steward?

First, find out which sites are available on this map. And then, Apply online!

If you have questions email us, or call 651-259-5070.


image: Minnesota Environment and Natural Resources Trust Fund logoFunding for this project was provided by the Minnesota Environment and Natural Resources Trust Fund as recommended by the Legislative-Citizen Commission on Minnesota Resources (LCCMR).