Cooperative Groundwater Monitoring (CGM)

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  1. MDH Unique #: Minnesota Department of Health Unique Well Identification Number (Six-digit sequential number)
  2. DNR Obwell #: Minnesota Department of Natural Resources Observation Well Network Identification Number (Five-digit number, first two digits = Minnesota Alphabetical County Code, last three digits = sequential well number within that county)
  3. MSL: A vertical elevation datum referencing Mean Sea Level (MSL)
  4. Aquifer Code: A four digit code indicating the geological formation(s) of which the well is open to either through a well screen or an open borehole.
  5. Well Status: The current status of measuring water levels within a well (Four categories: Actively measured, Inactive (not currently measured), Sealed (well cavity filled), and Vibe Wire (well sealed with measuring probes installed to continue comparative water level measurements from time of sealing)
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