Cooperative Stream Gaging (CSG)

Stream Gage Data Alert

Approximately 78 stream gages are offline due to an issue with real-time transmissions (GOES radio telemetry system). This issue started on October 21, 2018 and is impacting both state and federal gages. The DNR and other agencies are working to restore a limited number of gages based on currently available equipment.

It is unclear how long this outage will last but data is still being collected at the gage and will be updated once they are back online. For a list of stream gages impacted: site list.

Questions on a stream gage in your area may be directed to: [email protected].
Additional information on the USGS gages can be found here.

Search for a site by name. To use, enter a portion of a name in the to list matching sites. Click on the site name to view the detailed site report.

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This Minnesota water data resource site provides access to near real-time and historical streamflow and water quality data, site information and photos. Additional data access includes lake data via DNR Lake Finder and ground water data via the DNR Observation Well Network.

How to find data:

Stream gage, lake, and observation well data sources can be accessed by clicking on the desired feature on the map. Stream gage data are also accessible via the table view and search tabs. Stream gages listed on the table view reflect the settings on the map.

All real-time telemetry data on this site are considered provisional and subject to revision.

Map navigation tips:

  • hold down the shift key while dragging the mouse to do a rubber-band box zoom
  • use the mouse-wheel to zoom in/out quickly
  • double-click to zoom in one level

About the map:

The default map settings show all telemetry gages. Users can change what gages are shown on the map by adjusting the site filter and updating the map.

Real-time telemetry sites shown on the map depict streamflow conditions as a percentile ranking for the current day of the year. These statistics are only computed for stations with at least 10 years of record. Sites may be unranked because they have fewer than 10 years of record or they report parameters other than streamflow. See this USGS resource for more information on percentile ranking.

Definitions of commonly used hydrologic terms.

Questions on content of this site may be directed to [email protected]

   Flooding (Q10), > 90th pctile
   High Flow (Q25), 76th - 90th pctile
   High Normal, 51st - 75th pctile
   Low Normal, 26th - 50th pctile
   Low Flow (Q75), 11th - 25th pctile
   Critical Flow (Q90), <= 10th pctile
   Not Ranked
   No Telemetry Data

Overlay layers:
   DNR Obwell Inventory

   NEXRAD Mosaic (WMS)
   NWS State Weather Roundup

   Major Watersheds
   Minor Watersheds
   County Boundaries
   Populated Places

Background layers:
   Shaded Relief (color)
   Shaded Relief (b&w)
   2008 Color Aerial Photos
   2008 CIR Aerial Photos
   Current U.S. Drought Monitor

Data provided by:
  • Minnesota Department of Natural Resources
  • Minnesota Pollution Control Agency
  • National Weather Service
  • U.S. Geological Survey

** Not Intended for Official Forecast Use **
All data is Provisional and subject to revision.