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"Is My House in the Floodplain?" Video

Are you looking for the official FEMA floodplain map in your area? Has a lender told you flood insurance is mandatory? View the “Is My House in the Floodplain” video. Learn how to:

  • Check what type of FEMA floodplain map is available in your county (in Minnesota).
  • Find and print the FEMA Flood Insurance Rate Map (FIRM) for your area.

What Flood Maps are Available in Each County?

Find what flood maps and elevation information is available for your community using the map below.

DFIRM and Paper Map Counties: See more details below.

Other Map Legend notes:

  • Estimated 1% Base Flood Elevations: These Estimated 1% Base Flood Elevations can be viewed on the DNR’s Lake & Flood Elevations Online (LFEO) viewer
  • Preliminary DFIRMs Available: See options to view preliminary DFIRMs in DFIRM or Paper counties resources below.
  • Countywide Modernization: DNR and FEMA are currently working on getting better data and mapping. See latest on FEMA map updates.

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Digital Flood Insurance Rate Map (DFIRM) Counties

Interactive floodplain maps are available through:

  • FEMA's Map Service Center (MSC).
  • FEMA’s Flood Map Changes Viewer.
    • View effective flood map layers (same as at FEMA Map Service Center site).
    • Preliminary new FEMA Digital FIRMs (if the area has a map update in progress)
    • Find locations of FEMA Letters of Map Amendments. (Note: Turn on the “LOMA” layer in the “NFHL” folder.)

Paper Map Counties

Visit the FEMA Map Service Center to view and print maps.

Visit FEMA’s Flood Map Changes Viewer to view:

  • Preliminary new FEMA Digital FIRMs. (Many paper map counties have preliminary or pending new maps)
  • Locations of FEMA Letters of Map Amendments. (These can be seen in paper map counties also. Note: Turn on the “LOMA” layer in the “NFHL” folder.)

Most paper map counties have had their mapped floodplains digitally captured, and is viewable through the DNR’s Lake & Flood Elevations Online viewer.

Unmapped Counties

There are no flood maps available in unmapped counties. See the “Is My House in the Floodplain” video to learn how to verify and document there is no FEMA map.


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