Access Flood Maps

map of all counties in minnesota showing the DFIRM counties, paper map counties and unmapped counties

Identify the data available to your community using the map on the right. Landowners are encouraged to work with their permitting authority to access the best available flood maps.

DFIRM Counties

Interactive floodplain maps are available through FEMA's National Flood Hazard Layer (NFHL). Additional data for detailed flood zones would be available by referencing the county Flood Insurance Study, available through FEMA's Map Service Center, or the DNR's FTP site.

Paper Map Counties

Visit the FEMA Map Service Center to view and print maps and Flood Insurance Studies (FIS).

Estimated 1% Base Flood Elevations

Estimated 1% Base Flood Elevations provide model-based elevations for many effective A-Zones or stream reaches not yet mapped. This dataset is available to GIS users through Minnesota Geospatial Commons (MnGeo) and should be used for regulatory purposes as best available data. The data does not identify floodway and flood fringe boundaries, which should be determined through consultation with DNR staff or independent analysis. A major "Countywide Modernization" effort is underway to significantly expand this dataset as represented in the Minnesota map above.

Preliminary DFIRMs

Communities that have not yet completed the map update process can access preliminary data through the DNR's FTP site. Preliminary data should be used for regulatory purposes in areas where they show higher flood levels than what's shown on the effective FEMA maps.

GIS Users

The Minnesota Geospatial Commons contains datasets for all DFIRM counties and many Paper Map counties, as well as the layer identifying Estimated 1% Base Flood Elevations. The FTP site contains preliminary and effective floodplain data for all counties that have had map updates since 2003.