Flood preparation, response, and recovery

Disaster roles of local officials videos

Learn about local official responsibilities for preparation, response and recovery. Useful resources are also discussed and examples are shown.

Summary of resources and links noted in the disaster roles of local officials videos

Preparation - planning and coordination:

Latest FEMA map resources:

River gages (for current readings, forecasts and historical information):

Example inundation maps:

Post-flood assistance:

Substantial damage determinations:

Mitigation grants:

Before the flood

There are a number of things you can do to prepare your community or property for floods. Below are some very useful resources. Additionally, there are a number of guidance materials for floodproofing and retrofitting on our Technical Resources page.

During the flood

Current flood forecasts and stream flow conditions from the National Weather Service:

Current Minnesota stream flow conditions:

Temporary Closures:

U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Emergency Response and Recovery

Post-flood information

Additional resources

Floodplain Management Minnesota: Past, Present and Future

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