Floodplain Maps and Technical Resources

How to find flood maps

Resources for accessing flood maps and supporting data.

Map amendments and revisions

FEMA has established administrative procedures for changing or challenging effective FIRMs based on new or revised technical data.

Finding BFEs and other flood elevations

Base flood elevations (BFEs) are also known as the 1% annual chance flood elevation or 100-year flood elevation. In some locations other flood frequency elevations (e.g., 10-year, 25-year, 50-year and 500-year) are available. These elevations can be determined in different ways depending on the source of the floodplain map and zone of the site.

Lake and Flood Elevations Online (LFEO) is an interactive map to find flood elevations available for Minnesota’s lakes and other basins.

Hydraulic model downloads

To view and download stream segment model information, visit the Hydraulic Model Download Application for availability.

FEMA map updates

Information on the map update process and timelines for updating map data.

Technical resources

Technical information and forms often used by engineers, surveyors and floodplain managers such as elevation certificates, no-rise certificates, floodproofing and retrofitting of new and existing structures, bridge and culvert design considerations, and datum considerations.



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