Letter of Map Amendments Using LiDAR Elevation Data

This abbreviated LOMA application process is intended for locations where:

  • It is clear that the entire building, or entire lot, is above the base flood elevation (BFE) based on review of the LiDAR derived contour elevations compared to the base flood elevation.
  • The site is in Minnesota. This option is not available in other states.
  • A map that includes all the features in the streamlined checklist is prepared by the community, a licensed surveyor or a professional engineer.

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An older floodplain map has been digitized and superimposed on an aerial photo. Four houses would be eligible for a LOMA using LiDAR imagery.

What is LiDAR?

"Light Detection and Ranging" is an active remote sensing technology that uses laser light to detect and measure surface features on the earth. LiDAR-derived high-resolution elevation data products are available for many areas of Minnesota.


  • Streamlined checklist - Information needed for a LOMA using the 2-foot contours from LiDAR
  • Attachment for checklist - Highlights when 2-foot contours may be used in lieu of a field survey
  • Certifications for LiDAR:
    Certifications are available for all counties in Minnesota except for Stearns. You should find your county of interest in one of the certification letters below.

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