Shoreland Training and Education

2022 Training Dates

One-day trainings are normally offered at a few locations around the state during winter (January to March) and in the fall (September to November). Due to restrictions over the past two years, our trainings were transitioned to a series of one hour virtual sessions.

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Shoreland Management Basics

This course covers how shoreland standards protect water quality, habitat and shoreland/rural character. Topics include fundamentals of the shoreland program including lake and river classifications, covered waterbodies, and key regulations as well as tips and tricks for program administration. Special topics, including PUDs, identifying bluffs, Environmental Review, and other topics are available depending on time and participant interest. Watch the online training presented by Dan Petrik and Matt Bauman. Recorded 1/19/2022. Future live trainings to be scheduled. 

Recommended for anyone new to shoreland regulations or those wanting a refresher.


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Variances in Shoreland

Making decisions on variances to shoreland standards that protect Minnesota’s water resources and habitat is one of the most important jobs of boards of adjustment and the planning staff advising them. Learn how to apply Minnesota’s statutory variance criteria through a shoreland lens and write better variance findings that stand up to potential appeals. Using relevant variance examples, the course walks through each of the five variance criteria and explores ways to make better decisions, including conditions of approval. Recommended for planning staff and boards of adjustment members. Watch the online training, presented by Dan Petrik and Matt Bauman. Recorded 2/9/2022. Future live trainings to be scheduled.



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Shoreland Higher Standards

Learn how other cities and counties are taking shoreland protection to the next level. This course will explore regulatory and administrative innovations in using shoreland classifications, land uses and performance standards to protect both shoreland and aquatic resources. Course will include a variety of considerations in determining where, how, and which higher standards might be most successful. Recommended for staff interested in higher standards ideas and how to promote them. Watch the online training, presented by Dan Petrik and Matt Bauman. Recorded 3/8/2022. Future live trainings to be scheduled.


Custom Shoreland Training

DNR shoreland program staff delivers virtual training to elected and/or appointed officials and planning staff in your community together in one or multiple training sessions. Standard training topics are customized to address shoreland development issues and administrative concerns specific to your community. All sessions include discussion questions and/or other methods to encourage participation. Standard sessions are about an hour and include 15 minutes of discussion. The DNR Area Hydrologist and/or local planning staff provide personal on-site facilitation. For more information and to schedule a training session, contact Dan Petrik at [email protected]


For more information, please contact Dan Petrik, MN DNR Shoreland and River Programs Manager.