2005 Alternative Shoreland Management Standards

pilot project area map In 2005, the DNR worked with five counties in Minnesota’s North Central Lakes area (see map, right) to develop alternative shoreland standards for voluntary use across the state. Increased development and new development trends have raised concerns about impacts on water quality and lake use. The alternative shoreland management standards provide options that a local government may use to address specific shoreland issues. They provide a "tools in the toolbox" approach to shoreland management that any local government may choose to consider to address their own development issues. Many communities have adopted stricter standards to deal with their own emerging land development issues.



The Alternative Standards

Alternative Standards (Version 1: December 12, 2005)
(A Microsoft Word ® document version available upon request from [email protected])

Comparison Document (January 12, 2007)
(Microsoft Word ® document version)

The comparison document lists the areas that will be revised in the process, what the current rule has for that area, the proposed changes to that area, and what the five counties currently have in their ordinances in that area.

An Assessment and Rationale for the Alternative Standards (June 2006)
Sample Ordinance for Conservation Subdivisions (October 2006)



Dan Petrik, Land Use Specialist, (651) 259-5697, [email protected]

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