Local Zoning Administration

zoning map

Adopting and amending Wild and Scenic River (WSR) Ordinances

Local governments must maintain an ordinance that complies with state Wild and Scenic River regulations. The DNR must review and approve all amendments to local Wild and Scenic River zoning ordinances.

Innovative zoning standards

Many counties and cities have adopted innovative higher standards for managing land in shoreland areas in their zoning ordinances. The DNR periodically updates these regulations. Most of these standards are located in shoreland zoning ordinances, however, most of them could also be applied in Wild and Scenic River zoning ordinances.


The DNR, League of Minnesota Cities and the Minnesota Association of County Planning and Zoning Administrators developed resources for local governments to promote variance decisions that protect environmental resources, property values, and keep communities out of legal trouble.

Bluff and slope protections

Resources are available for development standards on or near bluffs and mitigation strategies to help local governments identify bluffs meeting the shoreland definition in their communities.


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