RiverForum1 Monticello

April 30, 1998

putting comments on board

This first in a series of RiverForum meetings was held on April 30 at the Riverwood Conference center in Monticello. More than 40 people showed up to express opinions and ideas which will guide the future of river management for the Mississippi River from St. Cloud to Anoka.

Participants were involved in two workshops. The first workshop activity allowed participants an opportunity to individually identify significant, unique characteristics of the Mississippi River from the 10th Street Dam in St. Cloud to Anoka. The second workshop activity required participants to write individual statements describing their vision of the Mississippi River and river communities 20 years from now.

woman with group notes

Read what participants had to say about:

Participants also listened to three presentations. The presenters provided background on the cultural history of the Mississippi River, the ecological significance of the river and its natural communities, and the City of Monticello's efforts to make the river and its landscape an integral part of their community.

Presentation summaries

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