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RiverTalk participants looking at aerial photos from the 1997 floods

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Discussing comments posted on maps by other Rivertalk participants.

Historic photo of Elk River Bridge

Historical photograph of bridge at Elk River

January 27, 1998

Read what community participants had to say about Mississippi River issues.

Comments by category

Riparian Land Use and Development

  • Over last four years of canoeing this stretch of river, I am amazed to see the extent of clearing up to the river that has taken place - from Monticello to Elk River.
  • I enjoy floating the river and I am concerned about development ruining the beauty of this wonderful area.
  • Concern about commercial development of area south of 101 Bridge & County Rd 39 Riverside.
  • Have enjoyed the river for 58 years. Would like DNR to be flexible in working with developers in designing clusters or whatever is most suitable for that terrain. Lifetime land owners care for their investments, but deserve the monetary reward of their investment.
  • Impacts of regulations upon commercial/industrial land uses along Hwy 101 in Otsego.
  • Restriction/prohibition of commercial/industrial uses east of Hwy 101 in Otsego.
  • I don't want to see any more bridges across the river!

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Wild and Scenic River Management

  • Boundary designations which are not consistent with the preservation of the natural corridor (i.e., west of Hwy 101 noise wall in Otsego)
  • Administration of regulations? User understanding is difficult (i.e., base zoning, floodplain, shoreland, and wild and scenic regulations all applying to a single parcel of land).
  • Certain areas of the district do not have physical characteristics which warrant inclusion within wild and scenic boundaries (i.e., area west of Hwy101 noise wall in Otsego).

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  • Riverbank erosion in Elk River.
  • Riverbank erosion upstream from Elk River Bridge on Otsego side.
  • Badly eroding bank near houses below Elk River Islands.

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Parks, Trails and Natural Areas

  • Planned comprehensive recreational trails between communities (used too little today).

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River Recreational Use and Management

  • After paying taxes for 40 years I don't appreciate recreation buffs telling me I should furnish them with a playground. If they must find a wild and scenic playground, go to the boundary waters.

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Personal Watercraft (Jet skis)

  • Air boat activity.
  • Jet skis are a definite distraction on the river south of Elk River.
  • Jet skis.
  • (Use of ) personal watercraft growing rapidly.

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  • If the river is used for recreation, please respect the owners land and clean up your mess!

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  • Hunting regulations need to be made more clear. Enforce current Elk River and Otsego boundaries or revise.
  • Waterfowl hunting too close to homes.
  • My concerns are regarding duck and game hunters shooting too close to the existing homes.

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  • The most important item in my opinion is to preserve and enance the trophy smallmouth fishing. But the environment along the river, lack of visible development adds greatly to the pleasure of being there.
  • Smallmouth bass slot limit needs to be reviewed. Is unnecessary.
  • Concerned about development ruining good smallmouth bass fishing.

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Miscellaneous Comments

  • Vandalism problem - Otsego County Park.