DNR Geospatial Water Resources Team Membership

Membership and Expectations

Geospatial Water Resources Team members are subject matter experts or other interested staff from DNR and DNR MNIT. Members represent different sectors of Minnesota DNR's geospatial hydrography community and fall in to two categories:

  1. Responsible/Accountable: members are generally data developers and Data Stewards who are responsible for development and management of foundational data products.

  2. Consulted/Informed: members are generally DNR Division liaisons who steer data development and its incorporation into tools and applications. They are often consumers of data, but have an important role communicating with data stewards on what they need for their program tools and applications.

Term of office for current appointed members: Minimum of 2 Years

Appointing Authority: Members are appointed by Individual DNR Division management and supervisors

Compensation: None

Current Members

Contact the GeoWRT Data Stewards who will direct your inquiry to the appropriate team member,

Appointed Member Categories

Representing the following sectors of Minnesota DNR's geospatial hydrography community:


  • DNR Business Services
    • EWR Hydrography Data Users
    • FSH Hydrography Data Users
  • DNR MNIT Business Services
    • LiDAR Data Steward
    • Open Water Basins Data Steward
    • Regulatory/Designated Waters Data Steward
    • Watercourse Data Steward
    • Watersheds Data Steward
    • Wetlands Data Steward


  • DNR Business Representatives
    • EWR, Floodplain Program
    • EWR, Lake Ecology Unit
    • EWR, Minnesota Coastal Program
    • EWR, WHAF (Watershed Health Assessment Framework) tool
    • Lake Superior Representative
    • FOR Remote Sensing Program
    • OMB Data Governance Liaison
  • DNR MNIT Business Services
    • EWR Data Steward
    • FSH Data Steward
    • FSH GIS Coordinator
    • GIS Section Liaison
    • GIS Web Application Developer Liaison
    • MNIT Business Services Manager for EWR
    • MNIT Business Services Manager for Fisheries
    • MNIT Business Services Manager for Wildlife

In addition to the appointed members, the GeoWRT includes one representative from the DNR OMB Data Governance office as a non-voting, ex-officio member.


GeoWRT members are expected to:

  • Support the GeoWRT mission
  • Accountable Member: Prepare for and be active in GeoWRT meetings. These Monthly meetings are typically scheduled on the first Tuesday of each month from 10:00 am to 12:00 pm.
  • Informed Member: Accept meeting invitations as an optional attendee, serve as a consultant or advisor for data and business needs as necessary.
  • Be an ambassador representing your DNR sector stakeholders and other stakeholders with whom you are connected (e.g., professional groups, DNR Program)
    • Speak for stakeholders at GeoWRT meetings
    • Carry GeoWRT news and proposals back to stakeholders
    • Collect stakeholder views on complex issues, either from individuals or DNR program as an existing umbrella organization

DNR Geospatial Water Resources Team (GeoWRT) Members:

EWR Hydrography Data UsersVacant 
FSH Hydrography Data UsersVacant 
LiDAR Data StewardRick MooreMNIT EWR
LiDAR Data StewardSean VaughnMNIT EWR
Open Water Basins Data StewardAndrea BergmanMNIT EWR
Open Water Basins Data StewardAndy WilliquettMNIT Fisheries
Regulatory/Designated Waters Data StewardAndrea BergmanMNIT EWR
Regulatory/Designated Waters Data StewardJamie SchulzMNIT Fisheries
Watercourse Data StewardJamie SchulzMNIT Fisheries
Watersheds Data StewardRick MooreMNIT EWR
Watersheds Data StewardSean VaughnMNIT EWR
Wetlands Data StewardAndrea BergmanMNIT EWR
Data Governance Office RepresentativeLinse LahtiDNR OMB
EWR Data StewardVacantMNIT EWR
EWR, Floodplain ProgramKelsey ForwardDNR EWR
EWR, Floodplain ProgramJill PohjonenDNR EWR
EWR, Groundwater UnitTodd PetersenDNR EWR
EWR, Lake Ecology UnitKristin CarlsonDNR EWR
EWR, Lake Ecology UnitSteve KloiberDNR EWR
EWR, Lake Ecology UnitJoshua KnopikDNR EWR
EWR, Lake Ecology UnitPaul RadomskiDNR EWR
EWR, Minnesota Coastal ProgramClint LittleDNR EWR
EWR, WHAF toolBeth KnudsenDNR EWR
FOR, Remote Sensing ProgramJennifer CorcoranDNR Forestry
FSH GIS CoordinatorJamie SchulzMNIT Fisheries
GIS Data Unit LiaisonZeb ThomasMNIT GIS Section
GIS Web Application Developer LiaisonKitty HurleyMNIT EWR
Lake Superior RepresentativeJohn JereczekDNR EWR
Lake Superior RepresentativeClint LittleDNR EWR
LAM, Mining HydrologyErika HerrDNR LAM
MNIT Business Services Manager for EWRJonathan LordMNIT EWR
MNIT Business Services Manager for FisheriesLyn BergquistMNIT Fisheries
MNIT Business Services Manager for WildlifeBruce AndersonMNIT Wildlife

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