DNR Geospatial Water Resources Team (gWRT)

The DNR Geospatial Water Resources Team (gWRT) is an interdisciplinary team of [email protected] and DNR natural resource professionals having subject matter expertise in water resources and advanced skills in GIS technology. We maintain MN foundational spatial hydrography datasets, providing products and services to help resource professional with planning, management and protection activities across the state.

Datasets that we manage:

MNDNR Hydrography Dataset

- An authoritative statewide dataset containing the best available spatial hydrography features, including:

  • Open water basins (polygons) - lakes, ponds, wetlands, river polygons, etc.
  • Public Water basins (polygons) - regulatory delineations based on OHWL (ordinary high water level)
  • Watercourse routes (measured lines) - streams, rivers and ditches as single features with river mile measures
  • Watersheds (polygons) - DNR Level 8 catchments and all derived watershed levels
  • Hydrologic Points of Interest-HPOI (points) - watershed pour points, water control structures, dams, culverts, barriers, etc.

Minnesota Culvert Inventory - ArcGIS Collector Application Suite

- A collection of 4 related components for the collection, storage/edit, review/approval, and distribution of stream crossings, culverts, bridges, and breach line data. (Available to DNR Staff and external partners.)

Contact Andy Williquett, GIS Specialist, [email protected] 651-259-5244 (St. Paul)


- Raw data collections (2010-2012) and additional derived products, including:

  • Point Cloud dataset
  • Digital Elevation Model (DEM)
  • Shaded relief DEM (hillshade)

DNR LiDAR Information website
MNTOPO website (to download LiDAR data)

Current GIS development and applications:

  • DNR Next Generation Hydrography (NXG-Hydro) - contact: Sean Vaughn, Lyn Bergquist

    The WRT is developing and testing methods to generate a new set of hydrographic features from LiDAR.  These new features include highly accurate flow paths and watercourses, as well as new watershed delineations.

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DNR Geospatial Water Resoures Team (gWRT) Members:

[email protected] Fisheries

Ecological and Water Resources (EWR)
* Watershed Health Assessment Framework (WHAF)

  • Beth Knudsen, Research Analyst - WHAF* tool, DNR-Eco 651-345-3332 x228 (Lake City)
  • Ben Gosack, Data/Technical Lead - WHAF* tool , DNR-Eco, 651-259-5167 (St. Paul)

[email protected] EWR


  • Clint Little, MN Coastal Program Specialist, DNR-Waters, 218-834-1446 (Two Harbors)
  • John Jereczek, Lake Superior Habitat Coordinator, [email protected], 218-302-3244 (Two Harbors)
  • Rita Weaver, Floodplain Mapping Hydrologist, DNR Waters, 651-259-5802 (St. Paul)
  • Mary Presnail, Floodplain Action Hydrologist, DNR Waters, 651-259-5651 (St. Paul)