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About the program

  • Program established by the 2011 Legislature (MS 97A.134)
  • Purpose is to encourage and recognize citizens to assist with maintenance of Wildlife Management Areas.
  • The foundation of the program is to establish informal agreements with volunteer individuals or groups to provide maintenance services on certain WMAs.
  • Driven by wildlife management needs and by groups interested in adopting specific WMAs.
  • Volunteer efforts may be recognized through signs expressing appreciation.

What kind of work?

  • A wide variety of work can be accomplished through an Adopt-A-WMA agreement ranging from non-technical hand tasks such as garbage pick-up to specialized technical equipment oriented work like mowing or farming practices.
  • Level 1: Work without supervision, requiring minimal hand tools and no equipment (trash pickup, checking signs).
  • Level 2: Work with initial guidance/orientation, hand tools and minimal power equipment (fence removal, weed removal, seed collection).
  • Level 3: Work requiring close supervision or detailed contract, includes power equipment (mowing trails, brush removal).
  • The local area wildlife manager will provide training, safety briefing, personal protective equipment and supplies for non-technical tasks.
  • More technical tasks may require the volunteering group to enter into a contract agreement that outlines work expectations, equipment needs and insurance requirements.

Start the WMA adoption process

  1. Type the first few letters of the WMA name in the "Find" box
  2. Click on the WMA you want to adopt
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