Minnesota fish & wildlife

A doe and buck in a field during fall

Cooperating for conservation

The Fish and Wildlife Division works with citizen's to manage, conserve and enhance Minnesota wildlife, fishes and the habitats on which they depend.


A muskellunge swims away after being released during fish sampling.

Muskie season opens June 1

Anglers can begin fishing for muskellunge on Saturday, June 1, in Minnesota, a state known as a muskie fishing destination where inland water minimum size limit is 54 inches and committed muskie anglers might cast all season for a few encounters with trophy fish.

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A healthy fish swims away after being caught and properly released.

How to catch and release fish

Anglers can take several actions to boost the chances a fish survives after being released by setting the hook quickly; using jigs, circle hooks and active baits like crankbaits; handling the fish firmly but gently; and quickly returning a fish to the water.

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A school of bluegills take shelter in and around underwater plants.

Do you need an aquatic plant permit?

Aquatic plants support healthy lakes and strong fish, and each year the DNR reminds lakeshore property owners that a permit may be required to remove aquatic plants.

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A hydraulic jet mounted to a dock. These devices are illegal in Minnesota.

Hydraulic jets illegal for plants

Using hydraulic jets to get rid of “muck” or to uproot aquatic plants in public waters is illegal.

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A fawn lies partially hidden by a fallen log.

Leave fawns alone this spring

Fawns are born mid-May through early June and people should leave fawns be if they encounter them in the wild.

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A bull elk browsing in northwestern Minnesota.

Elk hunting applications open

Additional anterless permits and a new December season will give elk hunters increased opportunities to harvest elk this fall and winter in northwestern Minnesota.

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A black bear roaming through the woods.

Bear hunting license results available

People who applied for a bear license in a permit area where harvest is limited can check to see if they were chosen beginning Monday, May 20.

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