Capital Assets

buildings and assets in disrepair

Taking care of what we have

The capital assets that the DNR manages belong to the citizens of Minnesota and are essential to providing outdoor recreation and natural resources management. These assets are aging and many are in disrepair and need urgent fixing. Our natural resources capital assets are abundant and varied, including:

  • buildings
  • water and sewer systems
  • roads
  • trails
  • bridges
  • culverts
  • water control structures
  • public water accesses and
  • campgrounds

The agency’s recent 10-Year Capital Asset Needs Report estimates that DNR built assets are valued at over $3 billion and we need $169 million annually over the next decade to maintain and renew these assets.

The DNR must make the repairs in order to provide safe and enjoyable recreational and natural resources experiences for all Minnesotans. We have facilities in every county that supports over $30 billion in economic activity and these fixes will create hundreds of construction jobs across the state.

Repair costs increase about 8 percent annually, so addressing these problems now saves Minnesota money over time.

More Information

2019 Capital Request Fact Sheet
Summary of the Minnesota DNR’s 2019 Capital Request, including an overview of our capital assets, natural resources asset preservation and total annual need.

2019 Capital Request One-Pager
Overview of Governor Walz's bonding recommendation for the Minnesota DNR.

2018 Natural Resources Capital Budget Request

Map of DNR Buildings in Poor Condition