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About the Minnesota Research Reader

The Minnesota Research Reader is an exciting collaboration between the Minnesota DNR and the USDA Forest Service. This periodic digest highlights research topics relevant to science and resource management in the State of Minnesota with the intention of promoting a strong culture of science in our agencies by making current research more available to busy land and resource managers. The 'Reader' is intended to provide a quick look at some of the emerging research relevant to our work in the State of Minnesota. The project team includes a diverse interdisciplinary advisory board that determines the content of the publication and works together to increase knowledge exchange across agencies and ownership boundaries. Each issue will typically be thematic, highlighting four articles and when possible, will spotlight priority projects and initiatives of each agency as a way to increase collaboration and knowledge exchange. The ‘Reader’ targets a quarterly distribution, however is flexible based on research content and the availability of our dedicated editorial review board.

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How can I access the articles?

The Minnesota Research Reader highlights four scholarly, peer-reviewed journal articles in each issue. The editorial review board strives to include open-source articles when possible, however sometimes that is not possible depending on the journal article or author’s preference.

  • Click the link of the article to see if it is open source
  • Use Google Scholar (or other online search database) and see if article PDF is available through a variety of other websites
  • Email the author of article and request access for a copy or direct link to the publication


Interdisciplinary Editorial Review Board

MN Department of Natural Resources

  • Pooja Kanwar (Ecological and Water Resources) Water Policy, Project Manager
  • Darin Newman (Parks and Trails), Principal Planner
  • Amanda Kueper (Forestry), Applied Science Coordinator
  • Meghan Kelly (Lands and Minerals), Research Scientist
  • Timothy Lyons (Wildlife), Research Biologist
  • Gina Quiram (Ecological and Water Resources), Division Strategic Planner
  • Tracy Waterman (Information Technology), Senior Librarian
  • Greg Husak (Communications and Planning), Communications Information Officer

USDA Forest Service

  • Katie Frerker (Superior National Forest), Forest Ecologist, Project Manager
  • Brian Palik (Forest Service Northern Research Station), Research Ecologist
  • Andrea Brandon (Science Delivery Specialist), Northern Research Station, USFS
  • Ryan Toot (Forest Service Northeastern Area), Watershed Forestry Specialist
  • Kristen Schmitt (Office of Sustainability and Climate), Climate Adaptation Specialist
  • Stephen Handler (Northern Institute of Applied Climate Science), Climate Change Specialist
  • Ann Long-Voelkner, Chippewa NF Public Services Team Leader

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