Lake aeration and dissolved oxygen

The goal of the lake aeration program is to ensure the safe winter operation of aeration systems and to ensure the appropriate use of aeration technology. In most cases, the use of aerators is to maintain existing populations of fishes.

It is important to realize that aerators are not the best option in all lakes. For more information on the Lake Aeration Program, to view a brochure on how the use of aeration may prevent winterkill of fish, or to obtain a permit for an aerator visit the lake aeration program web page.

In addition to its wintertime measurements of oxygen levels, the Windom area fisheries staff also rely on the public to report any winterkill observed during the spring to aide in monitoring winterkill status. If you notice any evidence of a possible winterkill during spring please contact us.

Current measured oxygen levels

Windom area fisheries staff monitor dissolved oxygen levels during the winter in many area lakes, particularly lakes with aerators. Monitoring dissolved oxygen is important to determine potential winterkill situations so that appropriate fish population assessments and stocking plans can be developed in a timely manner during the spring.

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