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Fishing: A lifelong activity

Opportunities abound in Minnesota to enjoy more than 4,500 fishing lakes and 16,000 miles of fishable streams and rivers. Fishing connects anglers with local environments and encourages stewardship of natural resources. Get started fishing today

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Helping you promote fishing and conservation

We can help your organization develop or improve education programs that promote fishing recreation and aquatic conservation. Contact Fish and Wildlife Outreach for more information.

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Fishing programs in state parks

There will be no interns leading fishing and aquatic education programs at state parks. However, fishing is free in most Minnesota State Parks and many have rods and reels available to loan for free.

Boy and girl smiling on fishing pier getting minnows

Get the leader’s guide

The MinnAqua leader’s guide has 39 detailed, illustrated lessons and activities to help you introduce kids to fishing and address academic standards with relevant, interdisciplinary and fun ways to learn! You can also download full curriculum or lessons.

Program contacts

Jeff Ledermann • 651-259-5247 • supervisor, fish & wildlife education and skills team



Video: Learn how to make a pop can fishing pole

Video: Kids, on fishing


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