Windom fisheries survey schedule

Survey and population assessment schedule - 2021

Each year the Windom Area Fisheries Office conducts standard lake surveys (SD), river surveys (RS), and other special assessments (TS & IBI) to monitor fish populations and other non-fish lake characteristics. Here we have posted our tentative schedule for your information. Note: this schedule is subject to change depending on weather, staff availability and other unforeseen factors. If you are interested in further information or would like to volunteer to assist in sampling please contact the Windom Area Fisheries Office.

Lake survey and fish population assessments 2021

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Sample DatesLakeCountySurvey Type
March - April------Winterkill checks (as needed)
March-AprilSarahMurrayWalleye Spawn Take - Fry Production and Stocking
May-June------Largemouth Bass Night Electrofishing
June 1-June 5SummitMurrayStandard Survey (SD)
June 8-June 12Little SpiritJacksonStandard Survey (SD) with IBI
June 15-June 19East TwinLyonStandard Survey (SD)
June 15-June 19West TwinLyonStandard Survey (SD)
June 22-June 26Big TwinMartinStandard Survey (SD)
June 22-June 26LoonJacksonStandard Survey (SD) with IBI
July 6-July 10FoxMurrayStandard Survey (SD)
July 6-July 10StayLyonStandard Survey (SD)
July 13-July 17BeanCottonwoodStandard Survey (SD)
July 13-July 17WoodLyonStandard Survey (SD)
July 20-July 24ClearMartinStandard Survey (SD)
July 27-July 31CottonwoodCottonwoodStandard Survey (SD)
Aug. 3-Aug. 7ShetekMurrayStandard Survey (SD)
Aug. 10-Aug. 14BuddMartinStandard Survey (SD)
Aug. 31-Sept. 4FoxMartinStandard Survey (SD) 
Sep.-Nov.------Fall Walleye Night Electrofishing
Sep.-Nov.------Walleye Fingerling Harvest and Stocking
Sep.-Nov.------Walleye Genetic Research Study