Bald eagles in winter

Bald Eagle Minnesota's wintering bald eagles

Bald eagle photograph.

Each year, the Mississippi River valley becomes a migration corridor for many species of waterfowl, raptors, and shorebirds moving through from their northern summer homes to warmer southern wintering grounds. During this time, southeastern Minnesota is host to significant numbers of bald eagles making their way south. Hundreds of bald eagles prefer to overwinter in the Red Wing and Wabasha areas near the Mississippi River, where the current of the inflowing Chippewa River maintains open water throughout the winter.

The eagles begin to congregate in early November, with the best viewing opportunities in December through March. Mornings and evenings unmated adult and juvenile eagles can be seen soaring and diving for fish. During the day, they typically perch on tall trees at the river's edge.

Winter roosting areas:
Red Wing area
Wabasha area

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