More flooding pictures from Ada

Pictures taken by DNR Waters Staff

Most taken by Lisa Bendtsen, with help from Carl Rundberg

June 10th: a farm 1 mile west of Ada

farm near Ada, June 10th

June 10th: Borup, south of Ada

Broken bridge in BorupWashed out bridge near Borup, on Hwy 32.
log jam in BorupLog jam near above site.

June 11 and later: Hwy 9, south of Ada

Hwy 9 floodederosion on hwy 9
Very wet.July 3rd: significant erosion now visible.

Wild Rice River near Ada

Wild Rice looking upstreamLooking upstream on the Wild Rice River near Ada.
Another view, looking upstreamAnother view upstream.
looking downstreamLooking downstream.

June 12 and later: Ring Dike near Ada

Ring Dike in actiondry ring dike
A ring dike protecting a farmstead.July 3rd: now the dike is dry.

June 24th and later: near Ada

launching a boatsame area after the flood
Bob Merritt and Greg Kruse launching their boat.July 30th: same area much dryer.

June 24th and later: near Ada

Mary statue, floodedmeasuring mary statue water mark
Mary statue, flooded.Measuring floodwaters on Mary statue.

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