General Permit for Repairing Flood Damages

In order to enable work to proceed in a timely manner in the affected areas, the Division of Ecological and Water Resources has authorized the use of Public Waters Work General Permit # 2001-1172 which allows restoration of structures, property and stream channels below the ordinary high water level of public waters damaged by flood events, including bridge and culvert crossings. Please pay particular attention to Condition 12 (Applicable Projects) which enumerates those that, without further consultation, are not included in the general permit, including work in designated trout streams. The General Permit still requires that project notification via completion of a Project Verification Form be made to the DNR Ecological and Water Resources Area Hydrologist at least 5 days prior to work commencing. The Area Hydrologist's authorization on this form is required to verify that proposed work meets the general permit conditions to work in public waters. In any cases of which you are aware where this process did not take place, please take immediate steps to notify us and submit this form.

Best Management Practices Information

In-kind replacement is authorized by this general permit, but this may not always be the most appropriate action. Deviations from in-kind replacement can be authorized by the Area Hydrologist if specifically identified within the permit authorization. The Division of Ecological and Water Resources recommends replacement structures which match bankfull width whenever practicable.

Information pertaining to best practices

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