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There are many, many books on falconry available for aspiring falconers. The following list (listed in order of suitability) was recommended by one of our master falconers who has over 300 titles on the subject and has trained many falconers and raptors over the years.  The following books were chosen because they are readily available at a reasonable price and pertain to North American Falconry and Raptors.  It is recommended that you start out reading only books pertaining to North American Falconry and Raptors to avoid confusion with South American, European, Asian, African, and Australian species, traditions, and laws. 


  • North American Falconry and Hunting Hawks-9th Edition (2013) by Frank Beebe
    • This book is highly recommended to pass the falconry exam.
    • (ISBN-10: 1888357002 or ISBN-13: 9781888357004)


  • Life Histories of North American Birds of Prey by Cleveland Bent
    • This book is highly recommended to pass the falconry exam.  It is sold in two volumes.
    • Vol. 1 (1968) (ISBN-10: 0486209318 and ISBN-13: 9780486209319)
    • Vol. 2 (1980) (ISBN-10: 0486209326 or ISBN-13: 9780486209326)


  •  A falconry Manual  (1984) by Frank L. Beebe
    • This book contains most of the information found in early editions of North American Falconry and Hunting Hawks.
    • (ISBN-10: 0888399782 or ISBN-13: 9780888399786)


  • The Falconer's Apprentice: A Guide to Training the Passage Red-Tailed Hawk-2nd Edition (1994) by William C. Oaks
    • This book contains very good step-by-step instructions for training your first Red-tailed hawk.  It explains why the training works, not just how.
    • (ISBN-10: 1885054017 or ISBN-13: 9781885054012)


  • The Encyclopedia of Falconry (2000) by Adrian Walker
    • This book contains over 1,500 terms and phrases related to falconry.
    • (ISBN-10: 1564161749 or ISBN-13: 9781564161741)


  • Falconry Equipment: A Guide to Making and Using Falconry Gear (2002) by Bryan Kimsey and Jim Hodge
    • This is a book that describes how to make and use various types of equipment used in the sport of falconry.


  • Raptors in Captivity: Guidelines for Care and Management (2007) by Lori R. Arent
    • This book describes and rates each species for temperament and facilities requirements.  It includes diet, medical care, equipment, training, and recovering a lost bird. Good information for keeping your hawk healthy.
    • (ISBN-10: 0888396139 or ISBN-13: 9780888396136)


  • Birds of Prey (1990) by Penny Olsen and Ian Newton
    • Over 50 world experts on raptors contributed to this book.
    • (ISBN-10: 0816021821 or ISBN-13: 9780816021826)


  • Birds of Prey: Their Biology and Ecology (1976) by Leslie Brown
    • Very good book for understanding world distribution of raptors.
    • (ISBN-10: 0600313069 or ISBN-13: 9780600313069)


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