River Health and Restoration Workshops

 Buffalo River restoration in Hawley, MN

The foundation of these workshops is to teach the fundamentals of stream science including fluvial geomorphology, hydrology, connectivity, biology, and water quality. The workshops also educate attendees in reference reach geometry techniques and approaches that ensure long-term health, stability and resilience (image: Buffalo River restoration in Hawley, MN).

River Health and Restoration Workshops and Mentoring Opportunities

2021 Workshops

One or two workshops may be offered Fall 2021. Information will be made available Spring 2021.

Workshop Information

River Science Series

  • The Fundamentals of River Science: Applied Geomorphology & Ecology
  • River Monitoring & Assessment
  • Restoring River Ecosystems: Design & Application

The Science of Healthy Waters Series

  • The Ditching Dilemma
  • The Dam Dilemma

Diagnosing Streams: Symptoms, Underlying Causes, & Remedies

Interested in a workshop?

The workshops offered each year are partially determined by the number of requests. To submit your request for a workshop, or if you have questions, contact Amy Childers.