Outdoor lessons for K-12 students

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Teaching outdoors is easier than you think. The outdoors is a place to inspire learning, get fresh air, lift moods, and reduce virus transmission.

Your students will love it!

Get started with these great, real-world lessons in math, science, reading, and writing.

Lessons, videos, and student handouts


Children ages 3 to 7 are natural explorers. Use these guided explorations to help young children discover learning concepts outdoors.


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Student handouts and videos for outdoor learning

Middle School

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Student handouts for outdoor learning

High School

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  • Monitoring Forest Health lesson - Students head outdoors measure biotic and abiotic elements of a forest, schoolyard, local park, or backyard: measure a plot, assess soil pH, crown spread, diversity of other plants and animals, tree size, etc. Full lesson includes 14 student handouts.
  • Teaching With iTree- Three full lessons send students outside to identify and measure the diameter of a tree. Then they enter those values into iTree to calculate the value of that tree's benefits in terms of energy savings, water quality, and carbon sequestration.

Student handouts and videos for outdoor learning

Outdoor Classroom Management Skills

Managing a class outside is similar to your indoor classroom. Set expectations, have clear goals, and follow through with any discipline or reward.

If you're new to teaching outdoor or looking for tips on safety, weather, or rules, we have some ideas for you. How to Teach Outside.

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