Fallen Nest FAQ's

Why did the nest fall?

  • We don’t know for sure, but it’s likely due to the heavy snow we received during the April 1st blizzard. The nest was already over 2,000 pounds and was built on a dead branch. It is likely that it snapped under all the weight

Are the adults okay?

  • Yes, the adults were seen flying around the area and have been seen on the camera bringing sticks and fish. They were also seen mating, so their bond seems strong.

Do they realize the chick is dead?

  • Yes. However, eagles likely don’t have the complex emotions that we do. They’re more instinctual and are driven by the instinct to reproduce.

Will they rebuild?

  • It is possible. Eagles are loyal to their territory and the area where the nest is located has everything an eagle could need. However, they will not rebuild in time to lay another egg this year.

Do they have another nest?

  • It is likely they have an alternate nest in the area for this exact reason. However, we don’t know for certain. Even if they do have an alternate, it is too late in the season for them to lay another egg.

Why doesn’t the DNR build a platform for them to nest on?

  • We want to minimize disturbance. Research shows that eagles prefer to build their own nest and aren’t likely to use an artificial platform. We have to trust nature to take its course. The eagles will rebuild when they are ready. 

Will they lay another egg?

  • It is highly unlikely. Our staff has been researching this question and we’ve found that while this has been recorded in southern states, northern bald eagles have a shorter nesting season. Even if the pair have an alternate nest in the area, it is highly unlikely that they will lay and incubate another egg.

Will they leave?

  • We aren’t certain. Eagles are loyal to their territory, so they may build another nest in the same area. However, it’s impossible to predict what they will do.

Will the EagleCam stay on?

  • Yes. The EagleCam will stay on for now. We will keep our audience posted and give advance notice when we plan to shut the camera off for the season.

What’s the future of the EagleCam ?

  • We were already considering installing another camera and were scouting several sites. However, even if we find a suitable site, we will not install a new camera until the nesting season is over. A lot goes into setting up a wildlife camera, but we are committed to the EagleCam and it will return in some capacity.
  • The pair may also rebuild in the same area. Eagles are loyal to their territory and that area has many suitable spots to build a new nest.  

How big was the nest before it fell?

  • The nest was over 20 years old. It was about 6 feet in circumference and weighed over 2,000 pounds.

What is left of the nest?

  • The nest fell from over 100 feet and was destroyed upon impact. Pictured is how the nest looks now.

image of fallen eagle nest

Photo of the fallen nest.

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