Evacuation kit and information

If you are requested to evacuate we ask that you do the following:

  1. Leave power and outside lights on.
  2. Leave a written note on the table of who evacuated, where you are heading, and the time and date.
  3. Leave your cabin unlocked.
  4. If you have a hose, turn it on with the nozzle in the closed position.
  5. Take your pets with you. They will not be allowed inside the evacuation centers, but temporary shelters will be provided. If they have any medications, ensure they are included, as well as vaccination records.
  6. Take your medications with you, in their original bottles.
  7. Put any ladders up against your roof.
  8. Leave your boats in the lake with motor, gas, and life preservers.
  9. When you get to a safe area, please notify your next of kin that you have evacuated and are safe. Bring the phone numbers for out-of-area contacts.
  10. Please follow designated evacuation routes. Drive carefully with your lights on.
  11. Bring extra eyeglasses if necessary.
  12. Bring cash, credit cards, and important documents you may have stored at home.
  13. Take a change of clothes and pillow, blanket, and towel.
  14. Include any special needs (formula, diapers or infant medical supplies, nebulizers, canes, wheelchairs, etc.).

Your county sheriff will notify you should there be a need to do an emergency evacuation!

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