Creating a defensible space

Defensible space

Creating a defensible space around your house can enable your home to survive a wildfire. This defensible space is an area of reduced fuels between your home and the untouched wildland.

The photos below show the difference between being unsafe and being Firewise. Can you spot the changes?

Before and After Firewise

Creating a defensible space zones

Step 1

  • Assessing your Property
    • Do you border wildland?
    • Is there a substantial amount of tall vegetation crowed in around your home?
    • Do tree limbs extend over your home?
    • Do you have a woodpile in close proximity to your home?
    • Do you have any fuel tanks nearby?
    • Have you used native vegetation in your landscaping?
    • Does your property's driveway provide access to your home for firefighters?
  • For more information on assessing your property

Step 2

  • Creating defensible space by dividing your property into three zones:

Click on the three zones for more

aerial showing space zones

Step 3

  • Maintenance of your defensible spaces otherwise risk losing the benefits of the Firewise protection.
graphic showing firewise maintenance

More Information on Creating a survivable space.

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