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It is FINALLY here! FiN Tips proudly presents "Episode 1: How to tie an improved clinch knot." The proper connection between a hook and fishing line is paramount to angling on any level, from beginner to professional. A strong and properly tied knot is arguably the most crucial difference between landing a fish and telling another story about "the one that got away." Here we demonstrate the "Improved Clinch Knot" as a benchmark for hook and line connection. As with anything, practice is key to learning this particular skill. Click here for written instructions on how to tie an improved clinch knot (Scroll to Page 4). Good Luck, practice your knot often, and GO FISHING!

This section of "What to Know" will feature a periodic instructional for basic fishing skills. Whether you are a veteran angler or first time fisherperson "FiN Tips" aims to teach skills that you a can add to you angling knowledge tackle box. These include knot tying, ice rod construction, line and hook tips, and also will evolve to take suggestions from you the anglers! The format will include short summary, downloadable PDF instructions that can be printed for a classroom activity, and a quick video demonstrating the particular skill. Stay tuned and as always KEEP FISHING!