West Metro Area Fisheries

Minnesota River flooding affects Eagle Creek for trouting fishing in early season

2019 Minnesota River flooding has caused major backup into Eagle Creek. As of April 12, the lower section of stream remains high.  The frontage road near Hwy 13 is open. Expect fishing conditions to be poor to iffy until water recedes to more-normal levels. Stream conditions are closer-to-normal for sections upstream of the 126th Street crossing. Fish species from the Minnesota River and Rice Lake might be part/all of your Eagle Creek catch. We will post an update-- or remove this alert-- once water levels return to normal.

Updated: 4/19/2019

Trout stockings planned for 2019 open-water season

Courthouse Lake (Chaska) is scheduled to received its planned rainbow trout quota for the start of the open-water fishing season May 11. Keep in mind that, unlike for other species' seasons opening that day, the season for trout in lakes begins at one hour before local sunrise. Any trout remaining from previous stockings will also be available, as well as at Quarry Lake (Shakopee) and Little Long Lake (Minnetrista). Christmas Lake was last stocked with trout in 2016, so few, if any, fish remain.

Check MN DNR Fishing regulations for details about trout fishing in lakes. See our Trout waters page for more information about local trout-fishing management and opportunities.

Recent fish kill reports

Winter 2018-19  Several shallow waters; our Winterkills  page lists reported waters and describes this phenomenon

Spring-Fall 2018  Reports of dead fish occurred throughout open-water season 2018 because of a long winter, rapid water warm-ups, and persistently warm temperatures. The timings, numbers, fish species affected, and lake conditions were consistent with seasonal, bacterial-related causes limited to fish and sometimes amphibians. Water conditions related to high temperatures and lower oxygen were also present, creating conditions prompting fish illnesses and deaths. Lakes with such reports were:

  • Carver County: Burandt, Eagle, Hydes, Minnewashta, Reitz, Riley, Waconia
  • Hennepin County: Eagle-Pike, Gleason, Minnetonka, Nokomis, Parkers, Weaver
  • Scott County: Cedar, Fish (Aeromanas bacterial cause confirmed in May 2018), Prior, Spring (columnaris bacterial disease confirmed in September 2018), Thole

Lake Minnetonka muskie study: Please report tagged, fin-clipped fish

MN DNR, Muskies, Inc. Twin Cities Chapter, and Hugh C. Becker Foundation began a project on Lake Minnetonka to evaluate muskellunge (muskie) stocking effectiveness. Since 2009, muskie have been stocked with an individually numbered yellow tag near the dorsal fin. If you catch a tagged muskie that you plan to release, please leave the tag in the fish but record the 6-digit tag number, date caught, lake name, fish species, and fish length via the internet tag-report form or to our office's phone, email, or address (MN DNR West Metro Fisheries Office main web page). Study Details (includes Lake Minnetonka summary through August 2018)

West Metro Fisheries office location

Our office is in the Blue Lake Business Center on Scott Co. Hwy. 101 (between US Hwy 169 and Valleyfair amusement park). We share space with two other MN DNR disciplines (Parks & Trails, Wildlife) and Conservation Corps Minnesota-Iowa .

No license sales or registration/titling services are available, and we have no hatchery or live fish displays for tours. If you'd like to visit us in person, we recommend you contact us beforehand to ensure staff will be here. Because we're a small, field-oriented office, drop-in visitors could find no available help.

Fisheries info for the West Metro area

Related contacts

  • Aquatic Plant Management: Questions and Permits 651-259-5831 (ask for Aquatic Plant Mgt. staff)
  • Fish and Wildlife Kills: Minnesota Duty Officer 651-649-5451 / 1-800-422-0798